Styling your property for sale, are there benefits?

The answer is yes. Properties that are styled yield a higher return at sale – buyer first impressions count.

We naturally tend to choose the most aesthetically pleasing visuals around us – if you go to the supermarket, chances are you won’t pick up the bruised apple…

As humans we tend to see value where it’s visually accessible – i.e if you walk into a home that is clean, tidy and well presented you automatically can foresee yourself in the home, living in the home, or renting out the home without a lot of work needed. The first impression counts. 

On the flip side, if you walk into a home that is messy, dirty or aesthetically challenged you will start to see mountains of work, time and money needed to revive it to it’s glory days – therefore placing less value or emotional desire on the home.

The aim of a real estate agent is to retrieve you top dollar for your home, and to do so the property needs to be well presented. Some future buyers may choose not to even proceed to enter the home if the exterior looks unloved.
For a buyer, they may bask in the fact the home needs foreseen cosmetic work because chances are there will be less buyers happy to pay premium for the property if it seems to hard vs. if it was ready to move in.

As a seller, you will always want top dollar for your property and as so a bidding war or high demand is a great start.

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