Say Hello To These Hacks For Small Space Living!

Open up your humble abode with these hacks to achieve big impact from your small space living. Take the small and think big (literally!).

Grab a coffee. Sit down. Take note. & Implement!

Firstly, let’s cut the clutter! Small, unnecessary items can go / be stored out of view. This is key as you can be overwhelmed by all the decor and bits and pieces that you’re trying to re-work into a bigger space.

Whilst the idea of smaller furniture and decor to fill smaller spaces seems logical – change it up and try statement furniture that fills the area. Take this tip to the lounge area! One bigger sofa rather than a few smaller pieces will open up the space!

Tip: Floating furniture works wonders!

Image Sources: Denise Braki / Temple & Webster and Styling by Allira Bell

Divide up the key areas of your space by incorporating a rug! Best used in the living area tucked under the sofa or directly in front under a coffee table.

996e99791aba7fad93af0d7a2f825412             15c0c91462eec182f4bf935530f0f770

Feast your eyes on this! Bring the eyes up to the more blank areas of your walls by embellishing these spaces with artwork! Bigger pieces of art (in ratio to the particular area) will create a more spacious effect than 3-4 smaller pieces!

dc9f60955561f7b6e6ad5f9da9094603            f5db78714b701bc5e81eb2d3ee3950f7.jpg

Put up a mirror to create the perception of space! They’ll reflect the light and fill in the blank wall areas without over cluttering the space!

Top spots to put mirrors;
– Above entry point console
– Above other consoles
– Tucked behind the sofa
– In your dining room

Large-round-mirror-above-a-wood-bench          aa10ea59b8d324727ce562d77973cba9

A few more hacks (whilst keeping in style);
– Hidden storage is your friend – but make sure you de-clutter first!
– Go for lighter colours with cooler tones
– Multi-purpose decor!

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